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Farm Guidelines and Mission
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Jack Belvedere
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Last Updated: Sun Feb 15, 2009

Thanks again everyone who attended the meeting and helped come up with all of this.

The Farm Division is intended for any new SLHA player to get accustomed to our game play and rules in a friendly environment with other rookies. Seasoned vets are on hand to assist you with game play and any questions or problems you have. Anyone is welcome to join the league, and the script is fairly simple to learn. We will help you!

Farm Division Guidelines

All new players are assigned to the Farm Division and are required to play a minimum of 6 Farm division or Euro Division games (Max 12 games). After 6 games, the Farm Division coaches and managers will begin to consider a player's eligibility to be drafted into the North American Division.

Once a player has been named draft eligible, the Farm Division Managers will submit the players name(s) to the NA Division Captains at the weekly Captain meetings.

Additions to the Farm teams are made soley based on number of people in the current teams. The team that has the lower number of players, gets the next new member. If both teams are equal in members it is up to Farm Division Management to decide. During games, players may be asked to switch teams if one team is short handed for that game. Its about getting playing time and experience and having fun!

Farm Division players may continue play in Farm games through thier rookie season on defense only after being drafted to a North American team. After thier rookie season, any drafted Farm Division players will be retired from the Farm Division.

Farm Division members are subject to the same rules and code of conduct as other Divisions in the SLHA. It is every player's responsiblity to review and become familiar with the SLHA policies.

SLHA Rules:

Farm Division Mission

It is the mission of SLHA’s Farm Division to provide comprehensive coaching, support, and experience in game play, welcoming new members to the league and easing their transition into more competitive play or casual scrimmages.

Key Principals:

• Coaching over Competition
o Coaches share experience with new players and teach the member the play and potential counter plays.
o Coaches may choose to participate and encourage training, but remain at a coaching level.

• Inclusion rather than exclusion
o Farm games maximize the amount of ice time for new players. If one team is short, share players from the other team to maximize ice time.

• Ability and Comfort
o While there may be times when some players are clearly skilled enough to play in competitive divisions, others may take more time and practice to come up to speed.
o Flexibility in requirements for advancement to competitive divisions.
o Focus is on remain on game play and/or referee experience.

• One League
o SLHA is widely known as a family. The farm division is an opportunity for the league to become introduced to other members.
o The farm division is considered an integral part of the SLHA family.

To get started with the league, please sign up for this website (using your SL avatar name in the First and Last name areas on your profile here) and contact any farm management member inside Second Life. You may also post on the forums here and a vet will respond and assist you in getting started.

Farm Division Managers: Allan Gudkov and Katia Ixtab
Rookie Scout Crew: Ruffian Lane, Genghis Roux, Ace Myrtle
EAGLES: Lancelot Skytower, Charis Straaf
Coaches: Huxley Fouroux, Jack Belvedere, Bedtime Bobbysocks
CROCS: Anhayla Lucia
Coaches: Allen Tsarchon, Genghis Roux, Larithen Karu
Dyz Warburton
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Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009

Just noticed the picture added to the Farm Division page... Love it! I didnt know someone caught a picture of our rink-build!

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