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Jack Belvedere
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Last Updated: Thu Feb 26, 2009

The SLCN film crew and announcers Kert Upshaw and Bedtime Bobbysocks are doing some fantastic things this season. Additions include some awesome new graphics, player spotlights and interviews, statistics and standings updates on the spot, and more. If you haven't had the chance to check out the game on video, follow the link page here to SLCN's website and navigate to the hockey page. We also have a couple SLCN TV's around the islands, where you can sit back and watch the replay.
Bedtime Bobbysocks

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Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009

While it might be Kert and Myself on the Mic's right now we can't forget the people behind the scenes that help make this all possible..

Jack Belvedere
Ellick Yumako
KingHenrik Lundquist
Zen Paine
Dyz Warburton
Anhalya Lycia

And many many others.

And while it may look good right now I'm still hard at work to make it better. We are starting to find a system that works well so now we are going more in depth with it.

And hey thanks everyone for being so patient during the SLCN games so that we can bring all of this stuff to not only you guys in the stands but to the viewers all across Second Life.

We are trying to give as much information as possible while keeping the game moving along.

I hope everyone is enjoying what we have done so far and keep watching for more new features including something that Dyz is working on.

Han Okelli

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Last Updated: Fri Feb 27, 2009

Yes I agree with Jack Bobby and Kert do a good job. I usually watch the Videos on SLCN when I can't catch the game live it's very cool!

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