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Wolves @ Cobras, 01/17/2010, 02:00
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Jack Belvedere
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Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010

The penalty was for a scripted attachment he had on. I was main ref, and made an error when choosing the penalty for attachments. I chose "Delay of game", but that was a one-minute penalty, and the rule actually is a 5-minute illegal attachments penalty. That particular button does not exist (illegal attachments) on the HUD, it should be picked under "Unsportsmanlike Conduct." I realized the error after play was going. It was important that I admit the error and therefore I got both captains and other refs in an IM and explained it. This was the long pause in game play that period while we figured it out. To rectify it, we needed to go back to the time of Beavis' goal and have Chris actually go back into the penalty box for 4 remaining minutes. Ruffian's goal was disallowed simply because it occurred during play that never should have existed, due to the Cobras should have still been down a man.
KingHenrik Lundquist

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Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010

I don't understand what Abu is asking but I thought I'd just post the rule here for reference, instead of switching pages.

II. ATTACHMENTS: We have developed a tool built into our script that identifies when people are moving abnormally fast and other additional script abnormalities. This has been undergoing testing for some time and is now ready to be used. This is a real benefit to the league as it allows for some more relaxed guidelines on attachments. This isn't set up to "catch people" but rather to allow us all some more freedom of expression and knowledge that we're playing on level playing fields. Of course, there still must be some rules on the issue of attachments which could still affect game play due to rendering or other issues. Therefore the following new rules apply.


A player who has an illegal attachment on will receive a 5 minute penalty to be served as an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and will sit the entire 5 minutes regardless of goals scored, with their team playing short-handed.

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Forum Home »  GAME DISCUSSIONS »  Wolves @ Cobras, 01/17/2010, 02:00
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