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Rookies! Get ready for Season 12!!
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Katia Ixtab

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Last Updated: Mon Jan 17, 2011

Jack Belvedere distributed the Season 12 Intention Card to the League on 1/16/2011. Definately fill this out and return it to Jack. Please note that for Rookies, filling out the intention card does not quarantee you will be eligible for the Season 12 Rookie Draft list.

*Player is in good standing with GOHA
*Player is not an "alt" of a GOHA veteran
*Player's AV is in BOTH the GOHA Main Group and corrently registered on the GOHA Website (Account has AV First Name / AV Last Name - we need to be able to find you in Second Life)
*Player must have participated in at least 6 qualifying games prior to the S12 Draft. Out of the 6 qualifiers, 4 MUST be participation in an official Farm Training Scrimmages (Minimum Qualifiers: 4 Farm Training Scrimmages + 2 Scrimmages)
*Player feels ready to go into the Draft. Rookies can opt to not go into the draft pool and be placed on a regulation team during S12 as they become more confident on the ice.


Q: When is the S12 Draft?
A: While the date has not been officially set by our Commissioner, Jack Belvedere, we can estimate that it will be sometime in February. Plenty of time to get in your qualifiers!

Q: How do I know if I have made my miniumum qualifiers to be considered draft eligible?
A: Log onto the GOHA Stats site and click "My GOHA" this will bring you to your stats page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the LEAGUE PARTICIPATION section. It will give you a count of how many games you have played in S11 by Division.

Q: Do I have to sign up for the website?
A: Yes, this is our primary communication hub for GOHA and we also manage our rosters there. If we can't find your Avatar Name on the website, you will not be on the draft list.

Q: Do I really have to do 4 Farm Sessions? Can't I just do 6 regular scrimmages?
A: Yes - a minimum of 4 Farm Training Sessions are required. Farm Sessions are specifically tailored for training, to ensure that you not only understand the controls of the game, but the GOHA rules as they apply to our hockey games.

Q: When are the Rookie Training Scrimmages?
A: Rookie Training Scrimmages are held every Tuesday and Thursday at both 12 PM and 4:30 PM SLT at the Jericho Hill Arena

Q: When will the Rookie Draft list be finalized?
A: Once the draft date is set, we will publish a cut off date for eligible trainings and scrimmages. Our goal is to have the Rookie Draft list finalized at least 5 days before the actual draft.

Q: Can I get extra help?
A: Yes, the Farm Team is here to help you prepare for the Draft. At each rink there is a Farm Coach Training System. Use it! If a coach is available, they will meet you for some 1 on 1 training.

Q: Can I pick my team?
A: No, each team has a Draft Captain whose responsibility it is to pick players for thier team.

Q: Can I play with my friends on the same team?
A: Joining GOHA is a great opportunity to make new friends. You will definatley be playing with your friends in GOHA, but we can not guarantee that you will be drafted onto the same team.

Q: Can I play in both the North American and European Divisions?
A: Yes, you can indicate your preference for what division you want to play in on the Season 12 Intention Card. Please be sure your schedule works for the divisions you want to play with.

If you have any other questions - please feel free to post them here!
(This was also sent out via notecard to the main GOHA group)

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