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Season 14 All-Star Game Information & Rosters
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Jehuty Niemi
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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012

Copied and pasted from the in-world notice.


**Game time: Sunday, September 23, 1:30 PM

**Location: Brooks Arena

**Each period will be 12 minutes long to accommodate for the expanded rosters.

**Team captains are named below. In the event that the main captain is not able to attend, the alternate may step in. If both captains are not available, then the team should select one before the game starts.

**Referees will switch out after each period. Period 1 will be reffed by Kerry, period 2 by Jehuty, and period 3 by Josh.

(Note: These rosters are tentative and were put together based on level of activity from this previous season, taking into account retirements. The actual teams will depend on who shows up at game time. While unlikely, the rosters are also subject to change.)

Jericho Hill Reds

(Whales, Wolves, Mammoth, Ravens)

Team captains: Jackson Tournier (main), Vic Gastel (alternate)

Allan Gudkov
Anh Warburton
Arctic Kas
Christianson Karu
Cire Nubalo
Deej Kasshiki
Dieter Steinhoff
Dyz Warburton
Elliott Clarity
Genghis Roux
George Kelly
Hawke Rexen
Jan Blanchard
Javierito Noel
Jehuty Niemi
Josh Figgis
Karynn Windlow
Kerry Gretzky
Kristoff Jameson
Laney Scorpio
Larithen Karu
Mickey James
Nik Gade
Savir Viatruso
Vic Gastel
ZeraStargazer Starostin

Treesong Blues

(Moose, Cobras, Ice Lords, Storm, Foxes)

Team captains: Kayden Piers (main), MrC Sparta (alternate)

Abu Salazar
Beavis Beckham
Blackjack Kowalski
Corey Hyx
Fall Goalpost
Gerhard Hesse
Gunner Walker
Henrik Genesis
Jack Belvedere
Jackson Tournier
Justin Tomasso
Kacey Rossini
Kayden Piers
Kellan Pelazzi
KingHenrik Lundquist
Michael Quandry
MrC Sparta
Murdock Beningborough
Nadoka Oh
Oscar Matterhorn
Ronin McGinnis
Sarafina Raymaker
Slade Ellisson
Sullie Auster
Staples Price
Tammed Ember
Trimbor Slade

Replacement Pool

(This group consists of our upcoming rookies; if a team winds up being short and any of these players are available, they may step in as a replacement on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Dexter Frederix
Enzzo Lardack
Kyoko Clarity
Manu Rizooto
pitupitu2 Republic

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