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Welcome to Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA)!

What is Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA)?

Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA) is a hockey league that exists within the virtual world of Second Life, owned by Linden Lab. Inside Second Life, members create tiny virtual worlds, cities, and games within the game. The league was created in 2006 by Jack Belvedere. The league consists of SL members coming together to play regular season and playoff games within a realistically scripted hockey game.

How do I join Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA)?

First, you must sign up for Second Life. You can find the introduction page for the game at The game of Second Life is free, unless you wish to own land. There is no cost to participate in the league

When inside Second Life, go to Search, choose groups, and type in "hockey". You must join the group called "Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA)", and this website before you can play.

What equipment do I need?

All the equipment is available at the rink. It costs $0. Please review the included note-cards in the equipment boxes for explanation on how to play the game.

Where is the rink?

The rink is located inside the virtual world of Second Life at an island called Jericho Hill.

Can I start my own team?

No, the league is organized carefully to allow for scheduling and fairness. We get about 2 requests a week for groups wanting to start their own teams, and it's just not a manageable option. You must join the GOHA league and will be drafted to the teams. Currently there are 10 teams. The North American division consists of 7 teams with games scheduled in N.A. friendly times. The European division has 3 teams and games are scheduled in European-friendly times.

If you have a group of friends wanting to join up, speak to a commissioner or team captain in-game, and they will help you get started.

How do I sign up for this website?

In the upper right of your screen, you will see a link to Sign up. You can include as much or as little information as you wish. It is recommended that you do not include personal information such as address, phone, real name, etc. You must create a member name that matches your Second Life character's name. Once you have joined the website, you will be able to create a profile and be assigned to the proper team.

Review the Forum section "New Players/Draft information" where, once you have signed up for the website, you can get further information.

I've signed up for the website, but I can't read the forums or certain other pages. What did I do wrong?

Nothing. Your account must be activated by a website administrator before you can reach certain areas of the website. An administrator will review every 24-48 hours and activate your account for full forum access, etc. If it's still not working, choose "Contact League" in the left column and let Jack know.
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