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Team History:
The Cobras started in GOHA's second season. After many roster changes and hard fought battles, the Cobras took home their first season win in Season 8.

Community Affiliation: Nova Albion

First Season Played:
Season 2 Expansion Team

Original Team Roster:
Kealan Klata
Circus Mansbridge
Heinrich Mohr
Dario Morigi
Mia Koala
Len McLaglen
Gizmo Gorky
Myku Komachi
Vergil Kyomoon
Jack Belvedere
Justin Broda
Tommy Semyorka
Jato Rolland
Pawz Tomcat
David Partridge
Fall Goalpost
Seifer Aldrich
Icarus Ra
Summer Weizhen

League Awards:
The Global Cup (North American Season Cup Winner)

Season 8
Season 9

The Tomba Cup (North American Regular Season Winner)

Season 8
Season 9
Season 11
Season 12

Courneyor Trophy for Outstanding Teamwork

Season 7

Upshaw Trophy (Team MVP Cobras)
S4 KingHenrik Lundquist
S7 Huxley Fouroux
S8 Huxley Fouroux, Karynn Windlow
S9 Huxley Fouroux
S10 Abu Salazar
S11 Abu Salazar
S12 Rodriguinho Siemens
S13 Abu Salazar, Dyz Warburton

Current Team Captain:
MrC Sparta

Favorite Events/Memories:

Jack Belvedere:
"I was a Cobra for 6 seasons, throughout many complete roster changes as people came and went from Second Life. So there are many widely varying memories. One of my favorite is when we finally made the playoffs, in Season 7. We ended up without the Cup, but it was thrilling to make it there after so long wearing the Cobras jersey."

Huxley Fouroux:
"S7 definitely stands out. Especially our 1st round playoff series with the Moose. Best playoff series I've seen in GOHA to day. Went 7. Moose took the first two games. Cobras battled back to even the series at 2-2. We dropped Game 5 to reach the brink of elimination at 3-2 then took Game 6 and pulled it out with a Game 7 win. I remember Games 4 and 7 being especially nail biting. Game 4 we were down 6-5 going into the 3rd and pulled out an 8-6 win. Game 7 was tied with less then 2 minutes left when Ellick netted the game winner late. Good times."

Merrik Caproni: "I've had many memories in my time with the cobras. The Cobras have been my home for the majority of my career. In S5 i was drafted 3rd overall which was a complete shock to me considering all the talent in that draft. I also believe that was the first season in which i seen playoffs from my regular team (subbed for wolves in s4). S8 also brought the first cup and first on ice playing trophy. S9 has been the best season so far though. Everyone saw our roster in the beginning and quickly dismissed us but our rookies panned out and developed into very helpful weapons and our veterans have been sharp as ever."

Ruffian Lane: I was a 7th round pick for the Cobras in S6, with no expectations of showing up or being a factor in anything. Cobras not only gave me the chance to play, but to play this game at a very high level. I went from 0 points in 17 games my rookie season, to Playoffs MVP in S7. I will never forget the game 7 against the moose in the S7 playoffs, and the post-game scrum. That is how hockey is supposed to be played, a full game and a little extra after the game, right Kert? S8 speaks for itself, a group of good friends all with one common goal, the cup. We accomplished our goal in a stylish manner, sweeping the ice lords. Now I sit here and long await my much wanted Cobra return!

Ellick Yumako:
"Being traded from the Wolves in Season 6, I realized I wasn't the player I used to be. With guidance from Jack, Kert, Hon, Augs, I came back. In S7 was the best, beside S8 where we won the cup, I think the fact that we were having fun in chat and while playing the game. I remember just having Ruff, Hux there on offense, we just made magic happen from nothing. The Trio was born then and it went on to S8 where I finally achieve what I was missing for a long time. A cup win. Had to get my name on the cup (Eat that Jensen Itokawa)"

Abu Salazar: "I never forget on classical course of in-game voice chat in Cobras season 9... it started with Mika McAlpine s "Hey Guys, can you hear me?" ... then comed Merrik with analysis of history and future, Hux with analysis of opponent players, time to time was heard some Ahmads music passages, Bostons little laughs... and in final Hux with "Where is the &$%^  Patman" and "How she can hit me?"

Han Okelli:
"The best memory was being on a team with another girl, her name is karynn. And winning the cup the after party Lance,harley, hux, and Merrik got naked and danced on the bar ;D. Also based on this team I knew Lance, Hux, Tiro and Ruffian would make good captains they did well filling in a lot."

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