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Team History:

The Moose came into existence as an expansion team in season 2. Throughout GOHA history, Team Moose has been a competitive force with several Cup wins.

SL Community Affiliation:


First Season Played:

Season 2

Original Team Roster:

Muffy Babcock
SpecialK Sabre
Beavis Beckham
Amazin Jacks
Michelle Borchovski
Mr Brenner
Hrouck Gontyuk
Jensen Itokawa
George Kelly
Devon Molinari
Diago Quaranta
Erreh Yue
Jo Zarf

League Awards:

The Global Cup (North American Division Trophy)
Season 2, 6, 12

The Tomba Cup (NA Division Regular Season Champs)
Season 2, 5, 14

Courneyor Trophy (Outstanding Teamwork)
Season 10, 12

Renegade Trophy (Team MVP) Moose
S4 Nic Renegade
S7 Beavis Beckham
S8 Beavis Beckham, Deej Kasshiki, Naida Jewell, Robert Galland, Sirkiko Vidor
S9 Karynn Windlow
S10 Ruffian Lane
S11 Mystic Audion, Kiba Rubble
S12 Marjan Tomba
S13 Marjan Tomba
S14 Fall Goalpost, Kiba Rubble, Staples Price
S15 Amazin Jacks

Current Team Captain:

Ronin McGinnis

Favorite Events/Memories:

Karynn Windlow:
"I remember hitting naida and i starting laughing so hard i couldnt get myself back into the crease to make a save"

Beavis Beckham: "Was the 1st moose pick ever i have more memories then most. Winning the cup in our 1st season (season 2) was wayyy cool of course but what I remember the most was the effort the whole team put in every season.Since that was before individual stats were kept it was all about winning.Though the Moose had some of the best scorers in the league over the last 9 seasons like special k & lobo & nic i think the greatest moose ever was ipr cause not only was he a good captain & goalie he helped alot off the ice like puttin up a rink on his land & spendin his own personal time on making this league what it is today. kudos ipr.something else that stands out over 7 seasons as a moose is it seemed we always had the same ref, which would be our favorite commisioner jack.thx jack for all the time & effort u put in.without you the moose wouldnt have any history at all. can i get a yaaaaaaa jack? YAAAAAA"

Jack Belvedere: "Beavis Rocks. YAAAAA! Glad I got to play at least one out of ten seasons so far on your team. Never know what the future may bring."

RoguishPaladin (Cass): ...where do I start?

Coming into the league in Season 12, two of my first four games as a sub were with the Moose. I had a blast, and I didn't realize that at the time, my first game with the Moose would be Sara's last and the team would be in need of a rookie replacement. Well, as it turned out the Moose did need someone, and I got the opportunity to play within one of the best team dynamics I've experienced in SL or RL.

Star Captain Tomba (*grin*), you run a tight yet supportive ship - an excellent place to get involved as a rookie and to learn the system - and you're a damn fine goalie, too. Kiba, Beav - without you two being so reliable, the Moose 2-3 couldn't have succeeded the way it did in the playoffs. Finally, Fall, Ger, and Justin - we worked as a team, and supported each others' weaknesses with our own strengths, and in the end we (and Marjan, of course!) held back the most prolific offense in GOHA.

I still remember the evening after the 4-3 OT thriller in the finals. I didn't come off the adrenaline rush for hours after the game. I was still shaking two hours after it. Yet, at the same time, I was so proud of what we'd managed to get through. Sure, it wasn't our strongest game in the finals, but it best showed the character of the team.

No matter what happens with saves and draft picks during upcoming seasons, I am proud to be a Season 12 Moose, and a little part of me will always be a Moose at heart.

There they skate, the seven proud
Who would not failure abide,
Hearts immense and beating loud,
Wills that would not be denied.

Tomba, captain, led the way,
Wisdom he would clearly grant,
And in net kept pucks at bay,
And so held the scoring scant.

Rubble shot forth like a dart
With fast dekes he would deceive.
Beckham tore the foe apart
When with puck they tried to leave.

Goalpost led the way on D
With Hesse surely right at hand,
Justin's hits no less a key,
Blackclaw would the puck command.

Triumphant are the seven proud
Who would not failure abide,
Hearts immense and beating loud,
Wills that would not be denied.
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